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The Self-Perception checklist is a personality profile instrument that is designed to provide you with additional insights into yourself in terms of the strengths and potential weak points in your personality style. This information can be helpful to you in thinking about how you may improve your effectiveness as you interact with others and as you move towards achieving your personal and career objectives. Success in reaching our objectives is usually the result of maximizing our strengths and minimizing our potential weaknesses.

The Self-Perception checklist is a descriptive type personality instrument and it is designed to describe surface or overt behavior. It is not designed to be used as a clinical personality test which seeks to determine the underlying causes of behavior. The Self-Perception checklist is designed to help individuals to get a better understanding of themselves and how they are likely to be seen by others with whom they interact and work.

Since the Self-Perception adjective checklist is designed as a tool to increase understanding of "Self," the greatest value in terms of completing the test will come from your being as honest and open as possible in your responses to the test items. Try to complete the test items quickly letting your first impressions be your guide in answering each question. Your first impressions are usually your best and most accurate response. The longer you take, however, to think about an item the more you are likely to read into the question more than is meant to be there.

An individual personal report can be generated and printed from completing the Self-Perception checklist. This individual report will have five parts to it that describe: (1) personality strengths; (2) personality potential weak points; (3) adjustment efforts you may be currently making; (4) the kinds of work activities that are likely to be compatible with your personality style; and (5) a concluding or summary statement.

Once you have logged into the program you may select one of two options in terms of develop-ing a personal report based on your completion of the Self-Perception checklist:

  1. You can complete the Self-Perception checklist on your
    computer screen by clicking on the "Take Test" choice
    on this Web Page, or
  2. You can enter your scores from a paper-and-pencil
    version of the Self-Perception checklist that you
    have already completed by selecting the "Enter Scores"
    choice in the menu once you have logged on.

If you have additional questions about completing the Self-Perception please select the "Help" choice in the menu that follows one you have logged into the program.

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